Shannon Scovel

Sports Journalist, Student-Athlete, University Ambassador, Team USA Triathlete, Coach

Recent Articles

For the past five semesters, I have embraced the wonk culture of American University. I work as an ambassador for the School of Communication to help promote communication across campus, and I meet with prospective students to share the benefits of studying in the nation's capital. 

"Wonk," the word 'know' spelled backwards, implies that students must strive to be an expert in their field. I also use my personal athletic experience to help me gain perspective on the athletes that I feature in my articles. 

I compete in distance freestyle events for the AU Varsity swim team, and I also serve as the Editor-in-Chief for The Eagle, the student newspaper on campus. From attending classes in the newly renovated McKinley building to reporting on a Wizards game at the Verizon Center for a class assignment, I have embraced American University and the city of Washington D.C. as an environment to learn and develop as a journalist. 

My American University Experience