"Great moments are born from great opportunities." -Herb Brooks 

As a varsity swimmer and journalism student at American University, I strive to challenge myself everyday, whether in the pool, the classroom or the newsroom. I swim for miles in the morning, balance a full course load, volunteer as a student ambassador and serve as the Editor-in-Chief at American University's The Eagle, the student-run newspaper on campus. Sports hold a special value to me, as they have been the launch pad for me to enter the world of journalism, and I continue to apply my passion for athletics through my reporting and my own participation. In September, I traveled to Chicago, Illinois to represent the United States of America at the Triathlon World Championships and placed 33rd against athletes from around the world. I hope to continue in sports for as long as possible, and this summer I will be pursuing my interests for writing and sports media as an intern for Sports Illustrated in New York City. 

Shannon Scovel